The key objectives to this 2 bedroom apartment renovation were to achieve a very quick turnaround without any compromise to a high standard of workmanship and finishing expected. It was also the wish of the client’s to be able to reside in the apartment during the renovations.

The works included the demolition of a load bearing wall between the kitchen and living room to create an open plan style. The closing up of the existing entry to the bedroom adjacent to the living room and opening that room onto the living room allowing it to be used as an entertaining/dining area, whilst still giving a convenient option with the installation of a 2.1m x 1.7m sliding door to reinstate the room as a bedroom. A new kitchen and Oak flooring were also fitted.

Having worked with Paul on the renovation to our own apartment, we have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is looking for a reliable builder and outstanding craftsmanship. We have found his work to be of excellent quality with attention to even the smallest detail. This attention was also reflected in the administration of the works. Paul kept his subcontractors well organised and managed to keep the site flowing at all times. All works have been completed according to and/or beyond our expectations while sticking to the anticipated time frame and budget.

Paul is a very passionate, hands on builder who can draw back on years of experience in the industry. As the designers and the clients of the project, we would most happily recommend him and his work to any future client, but even more so look forward to working with him again in the future.

Carola Francke - Woods Pde, Fairlight