Nearly the entire original cottage was demolished. Requiring extensive excavation into a steeply sloping block to make way for this 5 level home. Levels 1 through to 4 are made from concrete, block and brick, also with internal elevator access. Level 5(the loft) is a timber framed structure, requiring the roof to be pitched to structural steel portal frames due to height restrictions. These portal frames created a series of different angles and lines for the ceiling linings. As with the timber floors and stairs Black Butt was used to encase these exposed steel beams.
Completed in December 2007, it was with great satisfaction to overcome the many difficulties encountered during the building process, to produce a high standard project.
It is with much appreciation of Mr Gray’s contribution to the construction of my home, that I willingly write this reference. Had it not been for Mr Gray’s ability to correct where others had failed, the project would have collapsed.The renovation project, at the mentioned address and at a value of about 2.2 million, required accurate and detailed finishes. Mr Gray assisted with the original layout and then confirmed and was held responsible for the following four levels, culminating in the difficult roof structure with exposed beams, hips, etc. His precise methodology insured the desired quality – a remarkable achievement.The build spanned two years (06/07) and for the duration of this time, Mr Gray was a foreman whom others looked to for daily direction and approval. His duties were professionally approached, and the following were absolute in the daily running of this project:

– Liaise with the Owner and Builder
– Site and material management
– Timely and correct material order/delivery
– Correct Interpretation of construction documents
– Exceptional carpentry

Above all else, it is important to stress that Mr Gray never accepted less than perfect. Testament to this is the wonderful home in which my family now lives.

Greg Camp