Renovations & additions to a two-storey brick cottage overlooking Pittwater.

Project objectives – To improve the living amenity internally and externally and to include future provisions for an internal lift if required.  To also modernise internally and externally.

 Notable works:

  • Excavation from the upper level of the house to the lower level to accommodate a lower level below ground extension & lift shaft.  The execution of this part of the build required careful planning & skilled operation of the excavator.
  • Extension of a living space on the upper level & transitioning into a courtyard & main entry deck.
  • Removal of lower-level load bearing walls to reconfigure the main bedroom, ensuite, walk in robe, main bathroom & laundry.
  • New engineered flooring throughout the upper level.
  • New internal hardwood & painted timber balustrading.
  • New external hardwood & stainless-steel wire balustrading.
  • Replacement of lower-level decking & stairs.
  • New entry screens & gate.

Michael Sweeny – Mass Design

We cannot thank you enough for the fantastic work you have executed on our home. Thank you for your professional and careful workmanship. We know that we will be thanking you in years, many years, to come, all due to your keen eye. We have really enjoyed being with you over these months, you have been patient with us, and we have felt a confidence in your hands. We wish you and your family all the very best in your lives.

Jany Hosking

Ilya Avenue, Bayview

Thank you for our terrific renovation! Many years of enjoyment and appreciation to come for the fine detailing, quality of craftsmanship and execution of the complex process of a build. You have made the project enjoyable and rewarding with your great suggestions and alternative ideas. From our perspective we have worked well as a team resolving tricky structure and alignment issues fitting to an older home. The build shows the results! Personally, I will miss the collaboration and the satisfaction of arriving at good solutions. Thank you also to your team and their positive attitudes – always great to deal with. All the best to you and your family. Thanks again.

Sandy Richardson

Ilya Avenue, Bayview